Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ugh, routine is off, so everything is off!

A 2-hour delay for teacher in-service has thrown us off today! Dr. O' also doesn't have classes today because of Easter break, so we are all home and feeling very much out-of-sync, the way weekends used to feel. Dr. O' is coping by flying a helicopter in the house, much to the delight of the Jedis and the consternation of M-girl, on whose head it crash landed. I'm not bothering to put IM in school since he has a lunchtime therapy appointment and doesn't transition well, anyway. Two hours before lunch and an hour after the appt isn't enough time for him to settle in, and they always forget to have him ready to go on time. So A-man will go to school in 45 minutes, IM will have the day off, M-girl will stay home with Daddy, and I will be able to take IM to his appt without having to wake up and haul a grumpy toddler along. That redeems the day being out-of-sync for sure! Tonight we have the Maundy Thursday communion service, tomorrow everyone is home, then the Good Friday service, egg dyeing on Saturday, and finally Easter Sunday! I want this week to go well and for the spiritual aspects to not be overshadowed by the change in routine!

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