Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend recap and beginning of Holy Week

Nice happy weekend here with no major exhaustion to speak of. M-girl had her friendly flora knocked out by omnicef and had a rough time with tummy issues, but that was pretty much the only snag. I got some kefir grains and am currently culturing the first batch. Yogurt- making is still going fine, and I'm hoping to make smoothies of both mixed together with some fruit.

I made 5 lovely pints of freezer jam yesterday, and it is quite a hit! Dr. O' and I both prefer it to cooked jam. I used to make it often, but it was one of the many things that were left by the wayside in the wake of the move. A friend told me it takes a year to settle in and be really happy here, and she's right. I just suddenly lost touch with who I am and what I'm good at, then I had some serious personal setbacks that really made me question who I was and what I could handle. Much ado to describe why I wasn't making jam, but it's nice to rediscover the things that make life easier and that make me happy. Now bread and yogurt-making are back in full swing, cloth diapering is going fine, the heat is hardly kicking on, and I feel like our expenses are pretty manageable, which always makes me happy!

We got the upstairs rooms cleaned up and vacuumed yesterday, so the kids have room to play up there, which they love. I need to do the dreaded sorting of clothes and switching out the off-season clothes in M's room. She keeps opening the bins and dumping them all over during her naptime, naughty wee thing! I haven't put them away because I keep looking for warm weather clothes in them. Dr. O' also vacuumed the downstairs, kept the laundry running, made dinner (spaghetti and meatballs from the freezer), and killed the big nasty spider that I kept finding in my dirty laundry pile in the basement, ew!

I'm looking forward to this Holy Week, our first in our new church family. It's such a blessing to feel settled in a loving community! Another blessing is keeping up with our friends the Haleys who are in the Holy Land and are giving us a great window into the sacred celebrations that they are there to witness and participate in. Love you guys!

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