Monday, April 25, 2011

Open-ended structure today

The Jedis have yet another day off today. I kick myself occasionally for not traveling to see family on Easter weekend, but we really want to be with our own church community for Triduum services. Yesterday was nutty with the kids, but I was so glad to celebrate with our congregation and to eat a festive meal in our own home. The kids get stir-crazy after this many days home, so I'm weighing the possibilities for today.

I have a La Leche meeting today, but I don't know how well the Jedis will do in a room full of littles. They definitely need to clean their room today because it is littered with Easter candy wrappers and LEGOs and is due for a vacuuming. Mara's room is trashed as well because of her naptime ransacking.

Dr. O' has to grade 20+ papers, so he's going to take advantage of a quiet campus today. He is also planning coursework for 2 classes that he's teaching this summer. I'm so thankful for his help at home and his hard work to support us! We are trying to get the money to pay for a van without taking out a loan, or only take a loan for a few months. We'll definitely have to trade in our beloved Honda CR-V, but it will be great to have a vehicle with lots of room.

I woke up every 2 hours last night and was awake for the day at 5am. I've been in bed sipping coffee, nibbling baklava, listening to This American Life, and feeling the newbie moving around in my belly, a quartet of peaceful pleasures! I think watching a movie will be on the schedule so M and I get a nap.

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