Friday, April 1, 2011

Click on the link below to enter a drawing for a KitchenAid mixer and a year of KAF!

Click here!

All right, y'all, I don't shill for anybody on my blog, but I love KitchenAid's products. My mixer is a thing of beauty and has run perfectly for 4 years and has withstood hard daily use. I'm entering to give one to a special family member who is a grad school spouse, as I was for many years! If you sign up via a link on my blog, we both get an entry. If you win, I do too, and my sister-in-law Paola gets a KitchenAid, which she has wanted for a long time! This giveaway is being promoted by the people at King Arthur Flour, another very fine company. If you've ever had my pizza, you've had a taste of the good work they do inspiring bakers like me!

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