Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nubby on Omnicef :(

After 7 years of parenting, I still have occasional doubts about whether it's worthwhile to take a kid to the doctor. However, I'm usually right. Today I took M-girl, aka Nubby, to the pediatrician after about a month of cruddy coughs, pinkeye, mild fevers, general grumpitude, and copious snot production. The mucus was becoming more colorful (bleck!), so I took her in today. Sure enough, she has AOM in the right ear despite tubes, plus bronchitis and sinusitis. I have to remind myself for later that this girl rarely gets high fevers from a bacterial infection, but she does fever quite high when she has a fever-inducing virus. She has been dealing with allergies that have made her immunities weaker, so she's on 3 months of daily Zyrtec. In addition, she's on an oral steroid susp. and on Omnicef for 10 days, which means diarrhea. We made it to 2 stores before the doctor, and she was a total trooper, better behaved than the Jedis at the same age on a healthy day. She's a nice little nub!

Edit: Target had no pharmacist on duty! Last time they didn't have our meds! I like to go there because I get $10 gift cards for each new scrip, but it's a bit of a drive when I have several nearby pharmacies. So I went to the Sprawlmart across the street and took care of business. I did get some gentian violet there to treat the ensuing yeast mess that will surely come from this round of Omnicef. Lord, have mercy!

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