Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Momma

After a hard morning's work, I got girlie down for a nap, had a shower, and am cozied down with some butterfinger ice cream and some Netflix, Ahhhhh!

Edit: Relaxation was short-lived! M was awake an hour later with junk in the trunk. I cut my losses on the nap and decided to get half our grocery shopping done before picking up the Jedis. We made it out to the first store and back to the bus stop in exactly an hour. Then I went through the Kroger near our home with all 3 kids. They cut me some slack and were very well behaved! Their sweetness even elicited an sharp comment from a mom I know from the area whose kids are pretty nutty. And this was after A-man complimented her on how cute her kids were. Fortunately, I know she's always like that, so I didn't take offense.

Following the Kroger run, we had just enough time to pick up Dr. O' and drop him with the Jedis and the groceries at the house before M and I went to her pediatrician's, which is fortunately only 5 minutes away from our door to the waiting room. Glad I took her, and more on that in the next post!

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