Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rolling in dough...

I'm going to make a large quantity of playdough today because of the sudden spike in interest in our house. I still have cheap white flour left over from Christmas cookie bacchanal. I don't really use enough white flour to keep this quantity around, and it's probably stale anyway. I'm researching recipes with and without cream of tartar since I don't have any on hand. I've also been thinking about koolaid scented dough since we already use dough with food coloring. I haven't ever bought koolaid mix since we had kids, and I'm not sure they know what it is. II think it might smell really gross when the flavors get mixed together, so maybe we'll try one flavor and of course won't eat it! The upside is that it won't smell like Pladoh, which I think is gross! I think glitter might be nice to add in as long as it sticks to the dough and not everything else! A-man and M-girl are especially into playdough and enjoy playing with it together, which is a blessing to see! :)

A bit later: the playdough is nice and soft, and the dumb dog eats it. I used baking powder instead of cream of tartar and used a boiling water recipe. It's still white but has a bit of orange oil to scent it. Hooray for nearly-free playdough!

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