Thursday, April 7, 2011

Looking forward to summer cooking!

Yeah, so I find food endlessly interesting, yet I do get into a rut now and then. Currently, I'm wishing that chips and salsa provided complete nutrition, but alas, they don't! I do have 3 leftover sofrito chicken burritos from last night's dinner. They've got rice, beans, cheese, chicken, and sofrito sauce made from mostly peppers and onions, all of which are packed into a whole wheat tortilla. Now I'm just waiting for M to go down for her nap so I don't have to share (she's already had lunch and will only manage to share her germs with me!).

Tonight will be falafel for Dr. O' and me. The kids are having the hot dogs they've been lobbying for all week! Tomorrow A-man will be home because his school has screening for next year's kindergarteners. He wants to stay home and play with toys, and I won't have to think about what to make for dinner since it's Friday- homemade pizza night! I have some ham and pineapple to put on part of one, and I'll make some roasted red pepper and feta pizza for Dr. O'. The kids will enjoy plain cheese pizza.

I can't believe we're coming to the end of another week, and school will be out in 8 weeks! Before that we will be grilling, and all summer, we'll be picking and freezing and eating berries! Berries with everything! I'm currently using the oven to make bread 2 days a week, but this summer I'll be using the bread machine daily to make sure we have fresh bread without heating up the house or having to pay close attention to the process.

Edit: forgot it's Lent and Friday, so ham and pineapple pizza will wait until tomorrow!

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