Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Culinary skills recouped and naptime victory

After a bad dinner last night (which D said wasn't terrible), this morning I got started in the kitchen with M-girl on a stool at my side. I marvel at the delightful blessing of such a sweet little girl who asks all the time "momma, what makin?" and says "I help too!". She insists on an apron and that I wear one too. This morning we made 24 whole wheat pumpkin muffins, one loaf of whole wheat bread, and 1/2 gallon of yogurt. M enjoyed kitchen gear so much that I dug our play-doh toys out of the basement. We had one fresh cup of red play-doh from Christmas, and she spent 90 minutes playing with it!

I've still been tinkering with her naps, and the strategy that seems to work best is to give her the half teaspoon dose of Benadryl that she needs for allergies at 10am. Then she's tired and ready to breathe freely during her nap. Her pediatrician wants her on antihistamine to keep from getting congested and developing another sinus infection. For 2 days it has worked splendidly!

Dinner was much better tonight! I make a mean chicken noodle soup! I cheated slightly by starting with a frozen bag of carrots, celery, and onions. I made this batch first with no chicken for Dr. O' and then added some baked chicken to the pot once he got enough for his dinner. Usually I put tiny pasta like stars or letters in it, but I used whole wheat linguine broken up into 2-inch segments, and they ended up like a healthier and yummier version of the noodles in Campbell's soup. I seasoned it with the last of my Essenhaus broth paste :(, which means I need to go to Indiana sometime soon :). The other seasonings are bay leaves, fresh black pepper, and parsley. It was delicious, everyone ate it, and there's just enough for my lunch!

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