Monday, April 4, 2011

April Showers!

We've had lovely warmth outdoors today, but since M was ill overnight, we've been indoors resting. We've has 2 solicitations at the door today, and the phone has kept ringing with other unsolicited contacts, which have left our neurotic pooch a nervous wreck! I fell asleep (2 hours' sleep lost last night!) after lunch and missed my best friend's call :(. Now that it's nearly time to pick up the Jedis from the bus stop, a thunderstorm is brewing! Fortunately there are several positives for my afternoon. M has had a fantastic nap following a bath. The Jedis owe me 45 minutes of work for stinky attitudes, so their room will be sparkling this afternoon. My basement may leak a tiny bit from the rain, but Dr.O' cleaned it so thoroughly yesterday that nothing will get wet. Dinner will be steamed veggies, baked chicken, and long grain rice pilaf. Easy stuff, and hopefully I can be patient after my sleep deficit!

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  1. Naturally, the rain started after the Jedis stepped off the bus. We drove the few blocks home, with A-man in a grumpy snit. He stalled getting out of the car just long enough for an enormous cloudburst to begin, drenching me and M on our way in. I was not patient, but at least I didn't walk to the bus stop this time.