Monday, April 11, 2011

Analyze This...

I-M is home a bit extra this morning because of a therapy appointment, after which he will go to school. He's seeing a great counselor for his impulsivity and his anxiety (which leads to more impulsivity!). Thank heavens he has hit his deductible for the year! They have moved the office from a nice little complex near Oglebay to a crappy and cramped space downtown, where it is really difficult to keep M happy and entertained at the new place, so I'll make sure the iPod is charged and loaded with Caillou! Definite hardship to go there but I want to help him learn to mellow out without putting him on meds for the time being.

A bit later: the therapist is so excellent! What a help with working through the things that stress my son and cause him to feel worthless. It breaks my heart for him to feel this way, but I'm learning that it helps to have him hear positive messages of support and challenging strategies for success from someone other than his parents. He knows that we're biased and have to love him, but he hears things from her and seems to find them more objective. Also great to know that she's a Christian and that she is the mom of a similar child. Getting to this office is a pain, but I'm finding it increasingly helpful! She did some good chatting with him today about some interpersonal trouble he was having at school and helped to see why his current strategy wasn't working.

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