Friday, April 22, 2011

Blip, blip, blip!

So I've kinda been mentioning quite a bit of tiredness and some medical appointments. If you check in often, you might have pieced a few things together. The Crowded Kitchen is getting more crowded with love and noise! I am really excited to be 13 weeks pregnant on Easter, with the due date around Halloween, eek! It has not been an easy pregnancy, which is a bit unusual for me. I have had a few scares, but things are fine, as evidenced by 2 ultrasounds. I am under orders to rest with my feet up 4 hours/day and not to lift anything, which is challenging with a toddler! I am heartened to feel the blippy movements of a new little life every day now. The whole family is thrilled, and the Jedis have temporarily dubbed the baby Yoda, which will assuredly change once we know the gender. I think we may even have names narrowed down! A-man is certain that newbie will be a Jedi Master, and I think he might be disappointed! M-girl also thinks she has a new baby in her tummy, and she stuffs things in her shirt to show me. I don't need to stuff anything; I'm showing pretty obviously.

I have found a reasonable caregiver and am confident in my hospital choice, which is not the one 2 minutes from home but is rather an Ohio hospital 10 minutes away. I wanted to do a homebirth this time, but no CNM's serve the area, and a lay midwife 90 minutes away isn't for us, especially since my practitioners missed my last 2 births, and my first 2 babies had meconium. There is a stellar birth center an hour away in Pittsburgh, but that's just too far for us to risk! I settled on a doc who does a lot of c-sections because he handles a lot of high-risk pregnancies, not because he pushes too much intervention, according to some local mom friends. He supports my choices to go as natural as possible and thinks we'll manage just fine with my history, so I'm happy. I have a superb birth coach in my husband, who figures the doc will miss this birth, anyway!


  1. No WAY! That is so totally AWESOME! Although, that stinks on the bed rest. Seriously, how do you make it work? Well, that is great, good luck, and hopefully baby number 4 will let you back on your feet soon!

  2. I have been told that there is a homebirth mw in Wheeling now. And there is also one about 30 minutes away (not mine...I wanted to stick with mine from my previous birth because she's spectacular, even though she's almost 2 hours away). I think you mentioned who your doc is, and if he's who I'm thinking of I've heard he's pretty good. But if you at any point are interested in pursuing homebirth, let me know, and I can get contact info for the Wheeling area MWs for you easily. Although neither are CNMs, they are CPMs, so that might be an issue depending on your insurance.

    Anyway, congrats again, hope you're feeling well!

  3. oh, and FYI, if you have Blue Cross Blue Shield (I really have no idea who WJU's insurance is!) they've covered my out of network homebirths at 100% for two births now.

  4. this is actually kelly. i'm apparently signed into my husband's account and am way to lazy to sign out :)