Tuesday, March 29, 2011

White-Knucklish Week

So we've had some nutty days again. I spoke too soon perhaps about the improvement in A-man's attitude. He was in full-throttle hostility before church and at church on Sunday. Ragingly naughty. I have lost it with him a few times but can definitely see how positive attention and the threat of losing screen time are very effective. Stay calm, Momma. Breathe and think....

After the struggle on Sunday morning, I dropped the Jedis back at the house where Dr. O' was home with a very pinkeye-gooey-green M-girl. I went to Kroger to grab some milk, newspapers for coupons, and a rotisserie chicken. In the crowded mess that is our local Kroger on a weekend, plus the confusion of the store being remodeled, my car keys became detached from the carabiner that attaches them to the rest of my keys. So I was in high-heeled boots and church clothes with no car keys, a husband at home with kids, groceries to carry, and the only car. No one could find my keys, so I prayed and went back out to my car. A nice older gentleman was in the car next to mine. I spied a purple booster seat in the back and thought, "he's a grandpa, and he's waiting for his wife! Ask him for a ride!".

I did and he was very willing and kind. His wife had run in for a few items and was out shortly. Turns out that their granddaughter is in A-man's class and lives on the other end of our neighborhood. They drove me the mile home and freaked out poor Dr. O', who was sure I'd been in a car accident. He was relieved that I was fine and walked to the store to get our car with his keys so that no unscrupulous person who might have found our keys might use them to scope out the lot and steal our car. He was back in 20, and my keys have yet to turn up. At least it was only the car keys and not the house keys!

Yesterday I went to a checkup and received some reassuring news. Man, health insurance is good. Expensive, but good. I was so worn out yesterday that I went to bed after homework time and slept about 12 hours.

I-M has an appointment today and will probably hit his deductible, which is 1/2 the total family deductible. He's meeting with a psychologist to get to the bottom of his low working memory result from December. I'm thankful for those in the related professions who have suggested that the testing situation and ensuing anxiety may have skewed things. We'll see. I just got M-girl down for a nap so that she's had some rest before I go get I-M at 1 for his appointment.

After school, the Jedis will be doing some cleaning because of their naughty attitudes and the fuss they made this morning. Mostly, they'll be putting away laundry and cleaning their room. I shuddered this morning when I saw what a pile of laundry was in the basement, but 1/2 of it was two blankets that are now in the washer and will soon be spending several hours on the line since it's sunny. Dr. O' is really the best partner I could ever hope for, and he washed and dried the diapers the other night. I'm a bit of a slacker these days, so they're still in the dryer, and I have to get them out and stuffed for use.

We have our white-knuckle weeks and our cozy and happy rhythm weeks. This one's more white-knuckle, but we have much to be thankful for!

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  1. All that would have given me a migraine, I just know it. And isn't it wonderful to have a husband who does mundane stuff like laundry for us??? What would we do without them?