Friday, March 25, 2011

When hoarding is a good thing!

I keep as much pinkeye medicine around as I can because it's stupid to take kids to the doc for it. I try to get them to call it in at the pharmacy if at all possible. If 2 kids get it, I fill 2 scrips and use one to treat them, saving the other bottle for days like today! I happened to have one sealed bottle that just expired last month. M-girl has a vicious case of pinkeye, and I'm being so careful since my contacts are in. She was in her room for naptime, systematically destroying it, but not sleeping! The sitters are coming tonight, the house is mostly clean, and Dr. O' has a faculty meeting. Long day prior to date night!


  1. Whoo! Pediatrician called in a scrip for more eye drops! AND my sweet husband came home and took down orders for Subway!

  2. Bummer. Scrip was a $40 copayment! Upside is that this drug will sterilize the surface of her eye, lessening the chances of the rest of us getting it, whether it's viral or bacterial. Hence the $80 price, which insurance paid 1/2 of. Glad we're funding that HSA now!