Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Murphy's Law & errand day

I had several errands this morning and was happy that I had everything organized even though we overslept by half an hour. Everyone got out the door on time, and I came home and got myself presentable. I went to the hospital in Martins Ferry for some paperwork and got there fine after a few wrong turns. Then I went to the Kroger in Bridgeport to grab a few sale items and other essentials. At the register I realized that my debit card was in my pants pocket at home. Ugh, stupid mistake! I got them to hold the stuff and found the route back to 70, but I found a branch of my bank first! They did a withdrawal, and I was back at Kroger in 10 minutes. Nice to catch a break now and then! M-girl may not nap today after all this running around and because we'll get the Jedis in an hour. We will get the rest of the errands done with them along or let them wait another day. It's hard to be totally productive on such a sunny and beautiful day!

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  1. The weather got much less pleasant, so the kids and I got the grocery shopping done. Big-time headache and no plans for dinner.