Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dr. O' and I just made 4 loaves of bread and a double batch of falaffel, yummy! I made 3 pan loaves of 100% Whole Wheat Honey Bread, and he made a loaf of Crusty Caraway Rye bread in the machine. He was partial to another recipe that required beer, but he decided that a loaf of bread was not the best use of a nice brew. I got a replacement spiral dough hook for my KitchenAid after trying the c-shaped one that was very ineffective. The new hook moved 9 cups of whole wheat flour with no trouble, and we probably have enough bread for the week. The falafel is a hybrid of 2 recipes and is perfect! The downside is that it requires chickpea flour, which is hard on my grain mill. Maybe I'll run the dry beans through the food processor first. Next time I bake, I'll definitely need more flour, so I have to plan to grind flour before I get any recipes started.

Tomorrow Dr. O' and I are making spanikopita, and we have the phyllo thawing in the fridge over night. Our other tasks include haircuts for the guys and a bath for all shorties on 2 legs or 4. M-girl's pinkeye is pretty epic, so I think she'll be home from church with her daddy.

The Jedis have had a really peaceful day playing, which was really a delight. I continue to praise God for the continuing improvement in A-man's attitude and behavior! I-M is growing up alarmIngly fast these days and has a super-cute grin with his new front teeth.

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