Thursday, March 3, 2011

What "one more thing" can I do?

I've been getting pretty worn out these days. The winter is finally coming to an end, and some changes are in the air. The Jedis and Dog & Toddler Show are extra busy and extra needy. I've been getting about 6 hours of sleep each night for no good reason.

The other night I felt like checking out early for the night. I rested a little after dinner while M-girl watched Caillou on the bed with me, and Dr. O' did homework with the Jedis. He got the kids ready for bed, and I thought "tomorrow WILL go better if I get up and do a few small things". I got out of bed and spent 5 minutes starting a batch of yogurt, 5 minutes starting the bread machine with a nice loaf of honey whole wheat, and 5 minutes starting a hot wash of a load of diapers. I entrusted Dr. O with making sure the diapers got dried on low, and he did it. It turned out that I had kind of a bad night, and I was really thankful to have yogurt, bread, and a load of fresh and clean diapers for M-girl.

We never know what kind of day the next day will be, but we can make it better by being prepared, you know? I try throughout the day to think what "one more thing" I can do to make the next period of time better. There's always something on the list! I can't do everything every day, but I can work to discipline my heart to be aware of our collective needs. I can train my kids in self-discipline so that they don't have to feel stressed and worried when they can't find something they're looking for.

My "one more thing" is enormous right now! Time to fold and put away Mt. Laundry before it avalanches on someone!

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