Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Time to cut cable? I hate commercials!

I did some cleaning today and have spent the last few hours and watching TV, a very unusual occurrence! I'm perplexed by the commercials marketed to women on TV. I must not fit the demographic! 3 different channels had sad commercials playing simultaneously. (1 was for a birth control pill that I know has caused serious problems like embolisms and strokes, only now it has folic acid. What? The only reason for this is to prevent neural tube defects in a baby if the pill FAILS. Seems like a strange way to market it! The commercial is also about women shopping for all the things they'd rather have than children. Trust me, I know that children can be inconvenient as mine are quite challenging, but I can't imagine anything better than my little loves! (2 was for a device that prevents pregnancy, but could cause miscarriage and loss of fertility. I don't know how these things get approved. (3 was for a procedure that thins the uterine lining to make menstruation easier, but it could cause death of mother and child in case of pregnancy. Drug side effects are one thing, drug side effects for fertility-related products seem so anti-woman to me. Think I'll stick with Netflix and avoid the commercials.

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