Monday, March 21, 2011

Another party weekend

The kids and I had a great time visiting my parents this weekend! We left right after school and arrived safely 5 hours later. They are such good little travelers, and A-man is so reliable out in public now that he can be reasoned with. We got dinner in Zanesville, OH, and that was our only potty stop. I realized that M-girl hasn't seen much of the Veggie Tales because the Jedis had gotten tired of them, but all 3 enjoyed watching one DVD of them with the audio playing through the car's speakers.

We spent Saturday morning hanging out with my parents and Unkie Justin, who had M-girl as his little shadow. He's always been a terrific uncle, and he is so patient and helpful with the kids. Something I've always loved about my family is that we've always had someone little around since my parents' kids were so far apart, and the grandkids started coming before my youngest brother started school. It's always been good for the big kids to get experience with the little ones and for the littles to get all that love and attention from the big kids! M-girl developed a really special bond with both Uncle Justin and cousin Kayleigh, who were the little ones when I got married!

Chuck-e-Cheese had an hour wait, so we moved the party to a place that the kids thought was even better! It was like an enormous hamster Habitrail for kids to crawl through and slide down! They all had a blast, and it was nice to have fun playing instead of obsessing over tokens and tickets and prizes. After the play zone, we had cake and presents for Arin's twins and M-girl. We played until bedtime and crashed hard for the night! I especially enjoyed getting time with my sister Arin and with my Mom, whom I've missed a lot. Sunday morning we packed up and got ready for the trip home.

Dairy queen in Richmond was our lunch stop before crossing into Ohio, and although there were very few customers, it took 30 minutes for them to have lunch ready, which is kind of baffling, but the kids were patient. After we passed through St. Clairsville, my gas light turned on, and I took an exit thinking it led to a gas station. Instead it led to 470, a longer route home! We got off it near Bridgeport, across the river from Wheeling. We barely made it to a gas station, and the on ramp back onto 70 was not marked, so we nearly got back onto 470, which would've taken us too far into Wheeling. I managed to get us turned around and found the right on-ramp, and we were home minutes later!

Dr. O' missed us terribly and had a hard time sleeping in the too-quiet house. He got a lot of work done and will be able to finish the semester with less stress. He just got a paper topic accepted for his fall conference and needs to get it written and submitted. He's teaching all summer, too, so he has a lot on his plate. I'm glad he got a chance to plow through a pile of work so he can breathe!

The Jedis are back to school today and were pretty easy-going after a long weekend. I love when everybody makes the morning peaceful!

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