Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A pediatrician, Tim Horton,and a tired mom walk into a church

I was actually organized this morning instead of thinking that I was! I joked with Dr. O' about how much I overpacked for an outing with I-M when he was a baby, but this morning I took only my purse (debit card included!) and a wet bag with a cloth diaper and two cloth wipes. Another mom at the pediatrician's brought a HUGE bag, a huge purse, and her 6-mo infant in a carseat/stroller travel system. It was like the Super Star Destroyer of gear loads, while mine was like Luke Skywalker's landspeeder or an x-wing Starfighter at the most. Dang it, Star Wars, get out of my head!

I digress. This morning I remembered to pack new rainy day toys for when A-man has indoor recess. I got up on time, got everyone ready and out the door, filled up the car, and got M-girl to her 2-yr check-up. She's healthy and is finally at the 20th%ile for weight! She did need some bloodwork for allergies and iron and needed some vaccinations, so she got some pokes, poor kid! She and I went to get bagels at Tim Hortons after, but she hit the bag at home and yelled "no bagels! Hortons doughnuts!". Can't pull anything over on this kid! In the course of enjoying my bagel, I suddenly felt my jaw lock up! It does this now and then, and it's irritating. No bagels for a while, I guess. At least I can brush my teeth!

We made it to the midday Lenten service today, with a minor meltdown at the end due to the need for a nap! It was especially important to me to get there since I missed church on Sunday. Now for an hour and a half of quiet before my Jedis get home!

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