Friday, January 7, 2011

Update from a month ago

Update from this post I took I-M to the ped for his 7 year check-up yesterday, along with a long list of issues to tease out. I'm so happy to have a great doc here! He confirmed my suspicion that everything we're dealing with-- health, learning, behavior-- is inter-related. We're treating his allergies to shrink his tonsils and adenoids so that he sleeps better and possibly has less bedwetting. We'll see an allergist soon and possibly remove tonsils and adenoids. If he sleeps better, he should have better working memory and less squirrely behavior and less of a short fuse in stressful situations. He will be receiving occupational therapy at school to improve his gross motor coordination, but we aren't expecting him to play team sports any time soon. Not his thing, and that's okay. He's also going to be re-tested for working memory by a more qualified practitioner, aka someone with a Ph.D. who also works with children. The doc says that his working memory is still above the range for those with ADHD.

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