Monday, January 17, 2011

Lost Keys and Procrastination

If you know me on Facebook, you are aware of the complete freak-out I had over lost keys today. I appreciated the offers of prayer for a relatively minor but very stressful issue! Because of an ankle injury and a depressive lull, I didn't go anywhere last week from Tuesday to Saturday, so I didn't need them that whole time.  I used Dr. O's keys yesterday and Saturday on errands.  Then we couldn't find his keys this morning.  We found them on the floor behind some furniture thanks to M-girl.  That got me worried about my keys.  I dug through the frozen trash from Wednesday through the weekend with a pair of rubber gloves.  I searched every low cabinet, shelf, nook, basket, and box. I spent a whole morning looking for my keys on a day that I would rather have spent playing with the kids!  I ended up finding them in a box on the dryer when I decided to move on to other housework.  I figured I'd find them when I stopped looking.  That's always how it is, right?  With my obsessive nature, that's hard to do.

Once the Jedis were out sledding in the back yard and M-girl was napping, I had the time and the motivation I needed to get out the drill and put up a hook for my purse and my keys.   I can see at a glance if they are put away, and M can't get at them!  While I had the drill out, I found the motivation to put up the bulletin board I bought 6 months ago and the mail organizer where I keep my grocery binder and my other organization stuff.  Makes me wonder what other projects I can get done.  I always curse my own procrastination when I'm tearing through the house looking for some critically important item.

I-M is having fun decorating the bulletin board with photos and drawings!


  1. I TOTALLY understand the procrastination and ensuing burst of productivity. With me and hanging things, it's always the hassle of digging the tools out from under the junk in the storage closet, performing the task and then returning it. I'm glad you found the keys and a new system!

  2. This is the kind of post that feels like a conversation with you, Danielle! We both get that feeling that we've got to nail all available loose objects to walls to get a little space and avoid losing stuff! My problem is that my children make it their business to be in the way and to steal the tools while I work. Aidan handling tools reminds me of Dave Letterman advertizing the Black & Decker Silly Driller for kids.