Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monkey Wrench + The Works = Complicated Day

I-M has allergy testing, or at least the consult for it today at 1:15.  I have the paperwork filled out and stored in my purse all ready to go.  I was hoping not to take M-girl because this is during her nap, but Dr. O' has a class during the appointment.  No problem, my daughter without a nap is like A-man was all the time at that age, and I lived through that.  The difficulty?  A call came from the school corp at 5am about a 2-hour delay.  We had some snow on the ground, which was then rained on, causing icy conditions.  Fine, I figured.  I just wouldn't bother to take I-M to school at all since he'd be there for fewer than 3 hours.  At 7:35, they called again with a school cancellation.  So now I have 3 monkeys, one who will be without a needed nap, to take to the allergist on icy roads today.  Dr. O' says the cancellation is legit, but oh my flippin' heck (To use the Utah expression)! 

I also had an appointment at school at 8:15 this morning for I-M.  I was to sign a form to initiate occupational therapy services at school, but I got a call yesterday to cancel that because someone forgot he doesn't qualify.  His low working memory kept him from getting a gifted services IEP (not sure if this is accurate; we're having him retested by more qualified practitioner; glaring errors on first test), and he doesn't qualify for special ed. services because his IQ is too high. I worked with him on his speech when he was three, so he doesn't need speech, which would also get him an IEP.  I'm fine with him being average, but I'm really irritated that he doesn't qualify for occupational therapy for coordination because he doesn't have an IEP for gifted or special ed.  So too bad if you're average?  Apparently Easter Seals offers OT services, but I was really hoping to not have another round of appointments to go to with 3 monkeys!

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