Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sick days and other strange blessings

A-man doesn't really complain about not feeling well, but his tonsils have been a bit sore.  He hasn't fevered or had any other symptoms, so I've been sending him to school.  The school nurse called yesterday right before the end of the day to tell me he had a sore throat, but she thought he'd be fine to ride the bus home, so I let him finish the day. 

This morning was another 2-hour delay, and he said his head and throat hurt.  I looked, and his tonsils were bigger than usual, and quite red.  I agreed to let him stay home and figured I'd check I-M's throat as well.  Also red.  Both of them have huge tonsils normally, but they're definitely irritated today, so I decided to keep them both home rather than running out twice to drop them off and pick them up.  Worse yet would've been to get a call during M's nap and have to get A-man because of illness and later pick up I-M from the bus stop.  A recuperation day at home seems the best course. 

They have been playing quietly and are all 3 snuggled up in my bed watching PBS kids.  I got out a pack of muffin mix that's been in the cabinet for months, and those'll be done any second.  I love a cozy day at home when no one's fighting.  Makes being a mom such a blessing!  I love being with these guys!

Speaking of blessings, I have a funny sort of perspective on them, which you may have noticed.  I feel like we've been playing chicken with our finances this week.  Ever had that kind of week/month/life?  We operate on the belief that God owns what we have, and when we give it back, He will supply our needs.  We are blessed, and we need to share our blessings with others. 

We're still working on the practical side of the "right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing" (Matthew 6:3).  As in, we need to not have second thoughts about giving generously, but we also need to communicate so that the giver (Dr.O') and the primary shopper (Me) can coordinate.  I bought items that we needed this month, but maybe didn't NEED.  Like lampshades for lamps that we've had for 6 months and a food processor to make good cheap food in. 

That said, we had a lot of expenses this month that are hard to budget for.  All wiggle room gone!  We knew we had some quarterly insurance, and we budgeted for that.  After Christmas, we had a gas bill that was outrageous, even though we were gone.  It was based on an estimate and not an actual reading, but we didn't know if an actual reading might be even more since we've only lived here 7 months, so we paid it.  Then by mid-month we were out of everything, so I did an enormous stock-up using lots of coupons and sales ads.  Medical expenses for I-M came after that, leaving us with $20 for this week.

$20.79 for a week, and now it's down to $10.59 until Monday.  After college, seminary, grad school, and Ph.D. program poverty, I can totally do this IF we're already stocked.  Dr. O' and I thrive on this kind of week!  We love the creativity that comes from having no opportunity to spend money and having to trust God to meet our needs.  We have 1/2 tank of gas and nowhere to go beyond school most days. We are using our free month of Netflix to full advantage.  M's cute cloth diapers are in the washer, and a box of warranty-replacement ones are coming today.  Our change jar is now empty and the change used to buy milk, bananas, etc.  We have plenty of ingredients to make most of our favorite meals.  Our canned and dry goods are plentiful. Our fresh produce is dwindling, but there's still frozen produce, and we haven't wasted a thing!  We'll have to buy milk tomorrow, but we're getting to the end, and it's okay! 

When we have a week like this, I love the freedom from want.  I have what I need, and wanting more doesn't make it happen, so I am more able to focus on the simple pleasures and great blessings I have in my life!


  1. Note: I was thinking earlier this week that we should NOT be so broke at this point in our lives! However, we just bought our first house, and we put about $6000 into it, so there went our savings!

  2. Oh - I am so there with you with weeks like this one! We are awaiting quite a large amount in reimbursements from the university. Thankfully, one came in so we have a little breathing room. We can get the groceries we need for my in-laws' visit next week and can even treat them to a breakfast out and a visit to the Children's Museum.