Friday, January 14, 2011

Plans? Never heard of 'em!

I have lost my ability to make and keep plans for things since our move .  I had a summer of no plans to speak of, and it was wonderful!  Once school started, we were inundated with lots of meaningless deadlines, so I think I got numbed to them.  There were just too many, and each organizer felt that theirs was crucially important.  Now I'm trying to re-train my brain to put plans on my Google calendar, where I have Dr. O's imported calendar and the PTA imported calendar.  I can put my appointments and events and bill reminders straight into my Google calendar from my gmail, which has helped a lot.  I get a reminder email every morning, and it makes me feel much more competent.  The downside is that I do miss putting things in now and then when I make an appointment in an office or if I forget to put down an appointment that I make over the phone, but I'm steadily improving.  An example of success is that I remembered that A-man had Show-and-Tell today, an event that I have a history of forgetting (or dismissing!).

Days like today mess with my burgeoning system as well.  There's yet another 2-hour delay, we're way off schedule.  The MOPS meeting scheduled for today has been canceled because it affects so many of the mommas.  Monday is Dr. King Day, and I'm looking forward to a scheduled day off with my Jedis.  Hopefully, we'll have plenty of snow on the hill for the Jedis to sled.  I'll make sure we have plenty of milk for cocoa! Tuesday I have a meeting at school for I-M and an appointment to test him for allergies.  Wednesday, I figure he'll be home sick after that assault on his immune system.  How do you schedule for days like this when the rest of the world doesn't have 2-hour delays?

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