Thursday, January 20, 2011

Early dismissals and making the most of my time

So my house was pretty clean yesterday, at least on the surface.  After I went to Bible Study last night, not so much.  On Wednesdays I make dinner for Dr. O', enough to last him for Thursday and Friday lunches, and he makes some kind of kid-friendly dinner for the kids. Then he does homework with them, and I get home in time to help with bedtime.  The house, meanwhile, is mysteriously trashed.  I blame the Dog & Baby Show at least partly.  The dog chewed several crayons yesterday.  M-girl is typically involved in the random depositing of objects throughout the house. 

I woke up this morning and got the Jedis and Dr. O' off to their respective institutions of learning.  However, the Jedis will be coming home at 1pm today as part of an early dismissal.  I was quite tempted to let my Jedis stay home and play rather than make the effort to get them out the door and later get M-girl up for her nap to get them from the bus stop.  Freaking hassle. 

I decided to make the most of my morning and do a deep cleaning to mitigate the damage done last night.  I started my iPod with the Flylady Weekly Home Blessing podcast and got to work.  I made beds, gathered and emptied trash, wiped sinks, tables, counters, mirrors, a few grimy windows, and electronics.  I dusted, dust mopped, vacuumed, ran laundry, and put away toys. Now I need to have the Jedis check their bedroom floor (dark green carpet) for LEGOs, and then I'll vacuum it.  After that's done, they can watch a movie or play Wii.  M-girl can take her nap, and I can fold laundry and watch my Mad Men DVD that should be in the mail today!  I'm just starting Season 2, so don't tell me anything.  I've seen 1 & 4, so I mostly have it figured out, anyway. 

I feel good having fueled myself with a great berry, yogurt, and green tea smoothie this morning.  For lunch, I think I'll have some leftover Roasted Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup and a slice of bread that Dr. O' made last night.


  1. I'm so happy that I managed to get a shower with half an hour left before the return of my Jedis. I managed to keep M up this long, so now she can wait until they get home to take her much-needed nap!

  2. Maybe I should check out Fly lady...

  3. I made fun of Flylady for a long time because I saw people use it to shame others for not having perfect houses. I just needed a routine so that I could focus my efforts. I basically only do the Weekly Home Blessing, and I do a few other trips through the house per day to maintain it.