Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to my husband of 12.5 years!

Thanks to a gift card from Arin and Jim, Dan and I are celebrating his birthday by having lunch at Panera today. We'll take M-girl, who will be squirrelly and will probably dump something. I love my husband and can't wait to get some time out with him, even with a cute 3rd wheel. We are a great team and usually fight less than once per quarter, and I'm thankful for that. After marrying at 21, we feel blessed to have grown up together without growing apart.

Tonight I'm making shish taouk, possibly falaffel from a mix, and some tabouli. We will have carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I'm so happy that there are only 2 gingerbread cookies left! We do still have 3 gallon-sized freezer bags with the worst batch of chocolate chip cookies I've ever made, but I just can't seem to throw them away because they're edible, just not wonderful. Ridiculous, really. At least I'm not tempted to eat them!

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  1. Correction: I have been sorely tempted by the not-very-good chocolate chip cookies.