Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy thoughts

-22-mo-old child saying "I luff it!" about a piece of fruit instead of screaming for a cookie.
-same child eating eggs instead of cookies.
-getting Jedis off to school on time despite waking up 45 minutes late
-Jedis having a good day back to school after holidays
-finding an $11 box of LEGOs on clearance for $2.75 and not mauling the woman who took the other 5 boxes. God will bless me for that, right?
-finding out that while I can not do an accelerated degree at Dr. O's university part-time, I can do the pre-requisites part-time and decide whether this career path will work for me. 20 credits part-time, then 80 credits in 18 months when M is 3.5 and can go to pre-school. It will be wild if I get that far, but I think I could love the job.

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