Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You Give Me Fever: both the cabin and actual varieties

Things fell apart at the O'Hare house in the last 24 hours, but we are on the mend. We got slammed by the influenza virus, and if Momma is sick, this house can turn into a petri dish pretty fast! Dr. O' did a marvelous job keeping things together, baking bread, running to the store for meds, convenience food, and soda and sherbet for Yoda Sodas (our favorite treat for sickies!). I had a 102 fever starting yesterday afternoon, and Dr. O' has kept a mountain of laundry going, kept kids reasonably clean and fed, and has vacuumed the house. I'm kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop, with Dr. O' coming down with it. When he gets sick, it's pretty awful! A-man was home Thursday and Friday with what seemed to be a cold last week, but he may have had the flu as well. Since then, we've had snow days Monday and today.

The worst part is that we won't be seeing our friends the Hamricks now because we'll still be potentially contagious when they would be arriving. It's a disappointment, but we did see them twice in the last two months.

So we are making a new game plan, hoping to do lots of fun things, but also trying to get plenty of rest.


  1. Big bummer about the Hamricks. I feel for you, I know what it is like. I'll pray for your little sicko's.

  2. We are definitely disappointed! Thanks for the prayers! I'm expecting Dan to fall ill last, and it will be EPIC. I had a truly miserable 24 hours, like the transition period of labor, but much longer. Now I'm on the mend, I think.