Sunday, December 12, 2010

My life or something (title suggested by my always-helpful IM)

I am drinking tea and listening to Handel's Messiah, thinking about how dark it is at 6pm now. With the huge hill in my backyard, by kitchen gets dark even earlier. My sons have birthdays at the beginning of winter (IM next Monday) and the beginning of summer, and I find the contrast in weather and daylight so interesting. We are in full-scale Christmas prep when IM's birthday comes, but we try hard to make his birthday a special day. We're discussing cakes now.

This is the last full week before Christmas break. I will be making cookies in the church kitchen Monday and Tuesday, and I'm thrilled to have access to huge counter space and industrial ovens, which will make my 1000-cookie-project much easier. We both have large families, so we do need to bring plenty!

Dr.O's grades are due tomorrow, and he has only a handful of items left to grade. He and I need to do a bit of shopping for IM's birthday and to enjoy some quiet days together before the travel, etc. starts.

Our special friends the Hamricks will be here Friday afternoon (yeay!) to spend a day on their way to visit grandparents. The boys will have school on Monday and Tuesday next week, with me helping out in IM's class for the Christmas party. Then on Tuesday afternoon, we will head to visit Grammy and Papa and stay through Christmas Eve morning. We'll attend our church's Christmas Eve service, celebrate Christmas day at home, unpack, do laundry, re-pack, and leave for Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's for a few days. By the time we get home, most of Christmas Break will be over for the boys. It'll be a busy semester, ending with the anniversary of our first year in Wheeling.

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