Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things are calm for now...

Today is our first "normal" day in a week, with me + Dog & Baby Show @ home. I'm enjoying the Peanuts Christmas Soundtrack and munching on one of these.

I took M to the pediatrician yesterday and found out that she did not have influenza, which likely means that the rest of us didn't, either, despite having all the classic symptoms. He was kind enough to give us a prescription for Augmentin just in case we ran into a secondary sinus infection over the weekend. It's nice to have some credibility with the doctor. I'm conservative about doctor visits and antibiotics, and I'm glad he trusts my judgment. I'd really rather not mess with Augmentin if I can avoid it anyway! I was pleased to hear that we were doing exactly the right thing to treat her pain and breathing difficulty, and all he did was up her frequency of breathing treatments. It's good to have some serious momma experience under one's belt, you know?

The boys are both finally back at school today after a week of sick days and snow days. IM's throat still hurts, but he's turning into a whiny pile of mush on the couch from watching TV, and he's been fever-free for almost 24 hours. My throat still hurts too, but we gotta get moving some time!

The weekend will be much quieter now, and I'll have to ask IM if he prefers to wait to celebrate his birthday with extended family or to have cake at home on his birthday, which is Monday. He's turning 7 folks, 7! We have some fun surprises for him!

A-man is incredibly loud these days, talking right over me every time I attempt to say something, which is hard because my throat hurts. Kind of infuriating. Definitely asking God to help me love that child better on the hard days. I have to make sure to connect with him 10 minutes each day with a snuggle in the chair together. It's a powerful reset button for him.

Dr. O' is back to work (kinda) today, reviewing applications for a job opening in his department, a new and strange feeling for someone who was just applying a year ago! He's got a retreat today too. I can't begin to express how thankful I am for that man. He kept things sane around here when I was feeling lousy, and he was so patient and thorough in every task. He is definitely the cheese to my macaroni!

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