Sunday, December 19, 2010

And another one down...

I had a down day emotionally yesterday. Just a general low feeling, with spurts of ultra-grumpy ire, I must admit. The Jedis are really loud and rambunctious now that they feel better, and M is really whiny due to the respiratory mess we've been dealing with. Thank God for her nap!

I watched Christmas movies and laid around yesterday afternoon once we had gotten the house cleaned up. I was very cold and tired, and I must've really needed a rest because I even fell asleep on the couch with kids all around.

Dr.O' came down with the high fever and respiratory mess last night. Think of your tonsils as two Christmas hams wrapped in barbed wire and a sinus headache that feels like a fist pounding from the inside, and you've mostly got the picture. He's been so helpful in keeping everything working around here while I've been sick, so I've been after him any time he's doing work today, insisting that he veg out in our bed and get good rest! He was happy to do so once we had found the remote. Guess he didn't want to watch ABC Family for 2 days while he recuperates!

I decided not to share our plague at church today, especially since I don't know who in my family has actually had this virus and may still come down with it. Instead, I took the kids to the store where we got the last of the necessary items to celebrate IM-7's birthday tomorrow. It was good to give Dr.O' some solid sleep time without interruption. Now it's M's nap, and the boys are enjoying Rudolph.

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