Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Noisy Christmas!

We are having a day of happy noise around here with no meltdowns to speak of, which is really excellent if you've met my kids. Last night we made it back home, did laundry and unpacked, then got the kids to church in nice clothing. The Jedis were asked to help carry a baby Jesus figure to the manger in the Christmas Eve service last night. IM would carry Him up the aisle and hand him off to A-man, who would carry Him to the manger and place Him there. When A-man was asked to do this, he bowed and said "it would be an honor." Then he had a few follow-up questions: "do I get to bathtize (working on pronunciation) Him?" and "do I get to make the sign of the cross on His forehead?". While we've been doing some hands-on learning about sacraments in the Children's Chapel, clearly we haven't gotten to enough theology to avoid multiple kinds of heresy. He does at least know that John the Baptist performs this later on. It's easy enough to remember since it's part of his name.

Fortunately no major heretical acts were committed, and my family enjoyed a beautiful candlelight service last night with no fire accidents. We got the kids to bed and assembled the table and chair set that we bought for M. I fell asleep on the couch, and Dr. O' left me there rather than waking me. I awoke at 4am and decided to put the cinnamon roll dough together in the bread machine. Unfortunately, I could not fall back to sleep because M was crying intermittently and later insistently, and I got her out of bed at 5:30. She was thrilled with her table and chair set and played with it all morning. The boys came down around 7:30 and had to be reminded to open their gift. They got a Wii that we bought from my brother for about 90% off, which was a huge blessing since our Christmas funds are lower than usual. The only manual included was in Spanish, but we managed to get it put together and loaded with Star Wars Lego, which they've been playing whenever they're not playing actual LEGOs.

Tonight we have to move into travel mode once again. The laundry is caught up, and we need to get the bags packed so that we can visit with the O'Hare side for the next few days.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great Christmas! Congrats on the Wii, aren't you glad you didn't buy a new one with a credit card? (Yep, the Lord does provide!) Lohn and I went to midnight mass at the Basilica last night. That was really amazing, and I love how the whole service was centered around Christ. MERRY CHRISTMAS!