Friday, December 31, 2010

Holiday Travels

10 days, 5 states, 12 cousins, and too many cookies later, we are tired! We got started on our first trip straight from the Jedis' bus stop after school on the 21st. Everyone had a great time at Grammy and Papa Benjamin's, where we celebrated Christmas with the 5 Bowen cousins. There's a new Benjamin cousin on the way as well from Unkie Nate and Aunt Becky. The boys were very happy to get individual DVD players and the Star Wars original trilogy. We headed home on Christmas Eve and joined our congregation for the evening service. On the 26th, we decided to get going early in the day in order to beat a Nor'easter, which is nothing to mess with if you've ever seen one. Fortunately, we arrived in Bethlehem, PA, by 1pm on Sunday, and family continued to arrive for the next 12 hours. I cooked for all 18 of us so that my MIL could get lots of time with grandchildren, and I'll post about the meals later. The 10 kids in the house were kept busy by watching movies, sledding, playing in the fieldhouse of the college where Pop-Pop works, and ice skating (where I think I cracked my kneecap!). The kids all played together beautifully. It was fun to see the different pairings throughout the day! They solved mysteries, decorated gingerbread, and drew on reams of paper. Now we're safely home and are enjoying a quiet New Year's Eve. We have a few containers of cookies left and some holiday decorations to dismantle after Epiphany, but I can relax in the mess for a while.

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