Thursday, February 24, 2011

So spring might be coming.

Today will get progressively warmer and melt the snow that fell so suddenly a few days ago. Snowmelt is one thing, but on top of that, I've been hearing about heavy rainshowers, which in the Ohio River Valley are no joke.

Even Wheeling Creek, which is adjacent to campus and many of the other places we frequent, is known to flood quickly and destroy property. We live on the "wet side" of our hill, which means we do get some water in our basement, but usually no more than I can mop up with several towels. Not actually as bad as a Village sink back-up on the ground floor over Thanksgiving break -- that's bad! Rotten potato peels from someone else's kitchen = bad. Thankfully, we have a good dehumidifier here that I finally figured out how to get a drain hose into so that we don't have to haul the bucket across the basement.

The deer out my back window have been on the move and scrounging for food, and I threw some wheat berries (that Mara had spilled on the floor) over the fence to help them out. I think the squirrels got the bulk of them. Naughty things!

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  1. Even more %$#*& snow on top of rain on top of snow.