Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy thoughts on a Friday

  1. M-girl is just fine if a little more grumpy after her cart incident, but this girlie is getting 5 teeth right now and is a month shy of 2 years.  So grumpitude is to be expected.
  2. Dr. O's very long week is over, and a candidate has been selected for the opening in his dept.  We're praying that the candidate will accept.  It's a good sign that the candidate is praying over it this weekend as well.
  3. There was sunlight left as Dr. O' got home today, and 40's and 50's are predicted for next week!
  4. I have a very clean house, with laundry done and put away. Yes, I'm exhausted, and I'm nuts. 
  5. We will be hanging out with other WJU families tomorrow night, and WJU girls will be coming over on Sunday to meet the kids.
  6. I raided the old Sunday School lessons at church today. I found some for the Joseph through Moses series that we'll be doing from now through Lent as a prelude to Passover, the holy day that Jesus was observing when He gave us the sacrament of communion. 
  7. Today was neither a delay nor a cancellation.
  8. My best friend is expecting twins this summer! 
  9. My blog keeps me in touch with so many lovely people and helps me to share the real stuff that happens in the life of a momma.  It's been read all over the world, mostly because my friends are all over the world now doing amazing things for God and humanity.
  10. My children are giggling and playing happily tonight! Best sound I've ever heard!

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