Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A good kind of quiet

The Jedis had no school today.  I figured they wouldn't because it rained yesterday, and then there was snow on top of it, and that seems to trigger cancellations here.  As I've said before, cancellations are easier than delays because it's hard to get enough cooperation and momentum going once everyone has started playing in the morning, and I have to get everyone out the door by myself since Dr. O' is already at work.  Then I have to go out 5 hours later and get them from the bus stop, often waking M-girl to get there on time.  Bleh, school. 

Today was wonderful, actually.  The kids didn't trash the house. There was no homework to slog through. They played peacefully and enjoyed each others' company.  I sorted coupons, finished laundry, and served multiple rounds of breakfast, snack, and lunch.  M-girl wants whatever someone else is eating, and we tend to rival the Hobbits in terms of meal frequency on days like this if I'm not keeping track.  I realized I was serving 3rd breakfast/elevenses before I had had my own breakfast, and I felt pretty sick from waiting too long and only having coffee in my stomach.  So I made a fantastic smoothie with fresh yogurt, peaches, raspberries, and flaxseed.  Yum!  M-girl wanted some of that, too, of course!  She's pretty fussy these days with lots of teeth all just about to emerge.  She wants me to hold her, and then she throws herself into awkward positions when I don't do what she wants.  Being a toddler, she's definitely in a demanding phase. 

Dr. O' is having a really long week as they do interviews for a moral theologian to join the dept.  Not that the current ones aren't moral; it's an academic specialization.  There are lots of meetings and observations and dinners involved, and he's gone a lot.  We're going to need that date night that his students have gifted us!  I'm taking in some nice Roasted Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup for Dr. O's dept for lunch tomorrow since there won't be any job candidates there then.  

So far, tomorrow is a 2-hour delay for frigid temperatures.  A-man is lobbying to stay home due to a sore throat that may or may not be legitimate.  We'll see in the morning with a flashlight.  I did have a play and pray group to go to in the morning, but there's illness going around in the hostess's home, so it's been cancelled.  I hope to do some weeding out of toys, etc. tomorrow.  I cooked some roast this afternoon that will be great for some Beef Vegetable Soup for dinner tomorrow night.  It was a good kind of quiet today, and hopefully it will be a good quiet tomorrow.  February will be over eventually, and I'm doing my best to enjoy it instead of endure it!

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