Friday, February 18, 2011

Low-level Crud-ness

We've been around plenty of germs this winter and have been hit hard a few times, but we've been better than usual since we're not battling Village germs (on top of church and school and grocery store germs). You know, the mutant kind that people leave behind in the community center KNOWING that their kid is sick, but they just HAD to get out of the house. Thanks. I remember asking someone whose kid had actively-fevering HFMD "but why are you HERE?" (sick child had hand in bag of marshmallows during a bonfire, contaminating the whole bag).

I think another factor in our better health has been that we're eating so much yogurt! We've been eating at least a quart a day for a while, and the yogurt I've been making has 6 different cultures in it, which helps digestive health, which in turn promotes better overall health! We load our smoothies up with yogurt and lots of good berries and high-Vit.C fruit.

Now that the weather is nice, we have been hit with some low-level sickness, the kind that is hard to pinpoint because it could have multiple causes. I-M threw up on his bed on Tuesday, but that's not unusual; he throws up. I sent him to school the next morning and later took him to an appointment where he got nauseous, but it was hot and they were painting the hallways. A-man said his tummy hurt and he had a very low fever, but that's about it for him. Dr. O' is a bit under the weather. My throat hurts, which kinda makes me want a cold beer. At 11am. It would be very soothing, but I'm not going to do it. M-girl is a snotty mess and has been sleeping for 4 hours today. She screamed at me all morning, so here's hoping she wakes up pleasant. None of us are unwell enough to seek out medical attention, so we'll just ride it out for a few days. I was bracing myself for a monster plague, but it seems to only be a minor virus. I'll take it after 2 months of nearly perfect health since right before Christmas.

We missed out on our date tonight, but I'm okay with that. Don't want our kind undergrads to get sick! I have a cozy and pleasant and completely gaga and passionate (yeah, I said it) relationship with my husband. A night out would be great, but a night in can be pretty sweet.

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