Sunday, February 13, 2011

Packed-out week

Dr. O' was busy throughout this week with teaching, grading, and helping with the interview process for a new moral theology hire. There were a couple of nights when he didn't get home until the kids' bedtime.

I had Bible Study Wednesday after M's ER visit. The Jedis had school cancelled Tuesday and delayed Wednesday and Thursday. Friday night was our only peaceful night at home, and our house was remarkably clean.

Saturday night we spent with 2 WJU families, and it was a very nice dessert night with kids running around and playing like they've known each other forever.

We had church this morning and stayed until nearly everyone was gone, as is typical for our family. Tonight we had 3 undergrad girls over for Sofrito Fajitas on whole wheat tortillas, brown rice with peppers, onions, and Adobo and chipotle seasonings, and seasoned black beans. My goal was to create a Chipotle-style dinner, and it turned out great. Dessert was chocolate waffles topped with ice cream.

This week I-M has 2 medical/therapeutic appointments for which I think he'll be happy to miss some school. The good news is that he's reached half of his deductible for the year. I'm looking forward to attacking the remaining paint on our stairway, doorframes, and baseboards. Hooray for the Blatts who are loaning me a Dremel to get the job done! Later in the week, the undergrads are coming to babysit for the kids, and I think we're going to the symphony!

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