Saturday, July 9, 2011

My sons and my daughters...

That's just such a weird thing to say... and I keep realizing that I could be saying that a lot! It was funny to go from "my son" or "my baby" to "my kids", or "both", and "brother". Quite another leap to refer to "all my kids", "my eldest/middle/youngest child", and stranger still "sister" and "she", a pronoun that A-man took months to master. Now I find myself referring to the boys' room and the girls' room, and it seems foreign, accurate though it may be.

The dynamic of pairs leaves me feeling so much at peace. IM and A-man are 18 months apart and spirited, but they are so very different. That difference allows room for each of them to feel special. I was not really comfortable with little M being the dainty princess of the house because of the attendant attitude commonly seen in little princesses. I really wanted a sister for her, for her to share the girly world with and to keep her firmly grounded as well. They can be as different as they are designed to be, and they will both be special, and they will have each other.

My sons and my daughters-- I can't wait to see you all together and to enjoy your abiding love for each other. Your playful and imaginative dramas have room for another little cast member, and I can't wait to see how much delight you will bring to each others' lives. It's one of the sweetest joys of mine!

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