Saturday, July 9, 2011

Diaper obsession continues, potty training may be resuming?

M is having another jump in potty interest. We tried before, and she initiates it but decides that it's too much trouble eventually. I'm not about to push because potty training O'kids is really challenging! If she changes her mind, it's fine. I actually need a quorum of diapers to make running a load worthwhile, and a load of cloth can't wait more than 2-3 days without getting really gross! She's wearing cloth at night now anyway, so I'd prefer that she wear some diapers during the day. We got our own copies of videos that we had borrowed for the boys when they trained, and she is captivated! But she could change her mind tomorrow, and I refuse to make this a battle of wills with someone who could make my house smell like a public restroom!

In preparation for possibly having two girls in cloth, I ordered a few more Fuzzibunz cloth diapers this weekend thanks to a super sale! I also sent back a few diapers to the manufacturer because snaps came off. The company changed to a different country for labor (China to Turkey), which is an improvement in ethical practices, but they have had a few glitches in quality during the change, which they've been very quick to remedy. So we're getting 6 new diapers for $14 each (usually $20), and 3 new replacement diapers free from the company. I have a few that are pretty worn that I've never sent in for replacement, and I'll probably just keep using them if both girls are in diapers at the same time at least part of the day. I'll consider the new ones paid for by the time little sister is 2 months old since I spent $85 for 6 and I would spend $50/mo for disposables.

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