Friday, July 15, 2011

Another week of wacky-ness

I feel like every few weeks I write a post that goes something like "here's a hot mess of craziness that happened at my house this week". Yeah. I have variations on that week a lot. It's kinda my thing.

Last Friday was rainy and I got the kids to the library to see the World's Least Worthwhile Puppet Show. Really bad. We came in late and stayed about 7 minutes. The puppeteer was too quiet and had the wolf from the 3 pigs singing a song from the 1940s cartoon Little Lulu, ' cause that's what kids these days are into, don'tcha know? Kids were whining and squirming, and adults were talking. It was bad! M got scared, and I figured I put up with enough lousy church puppet shows to last me a lifetime, so we sneaked out only to have the door creak LOUDLY behind us. We got the children's section mostly to ourselves until other shamefaced parents took our hint and sneaked out too, possibly awakened to the thought that they too could follow my poor example and leave the puppet show since the puppets can't actually see them leave.

The weekend was fairly uneventful, except for Dr. O' and I having our first tiff in probably 6 months. All was patched up in a hurry and we're fine. We disagree so seldom that it really wears us both out! Unfortunately one of the Jedis witnessed the beginning of the argument and was very upset by it, but it was a good chance to explain to him that his family is safe and Mom and Dad really love each other. It was truly the worst part of the incident.

Monday I decided to try to get a swim playdate together, and one other family was able to join us. We were there an hour before the thunderstorm hit. Oh well. At least M had gotten her nap! She also decided to tackle potty training recently, and she's learning. However, she's also trying to give up naps, which makes things challenging. No moody toddler will ever really want to comply with the constraints of "please pee here, not on the floor ", but she's making progress.

On Monday afternoon Dan discovered two $65 charges to our bank account for a Warner bros online gift shop. He filed a dispute, and we got our money back, and they were able to stop shipment on the items! Good gracious, stealing from a young family that is quite thrifty seems especially despicable to me!

Tuesday and Wednesday were more potty training, and the kids and I were trying to stick to our weekday routine. However, on Tuesday afternoon it all went nuts. The boys were playing outside and sprayed a patch of exposed dirt, making mud yet again! I had run in to move the washer load and put the pasta in the pot. I settled them into a rather long time-out until Dan came home and went to drain the pasta. The water hit a bowl in the sink and splashed my pregnant belly, giving me a 2nd degree but smallish burn. I was cleaning up this mess and getting a clean shirt and burn cream when I discovered that M had peed on our pretty laminate bedroom floor, warping it slightly. Ugh. Dan was home soon and helped out tremendously for the rest of the night, which he usually does.

Wednesday the neighbor was weed whacking and may have sent a bit of fence wire into our yard, which I stepped on and cut my food rather deeply. His dogs have mange, for one thing. MANGE. Two also died last year from some tainted dog food. His dogs are never healthy, and they always remind me of the Bumpus hounds on A Christmas Story, the smelly buggers. I also knew that dogs had lived in my yard, and of course Peach poops there. I called the OB and asked what to do, and they said to hurry up and get a tetanus shot, which was about 8 years overdue. At the urgent care office, I demanded just that shot and with no thimerosal. When they wavered in their certainty about this, i made them call the company and tell me whether they could verify this. They did, and I got the shot. I was not about to risk losing a baby to a treatable and preventable infection.

Thursday left me feeling another wave of Wheeling loneliness, but not terrible. I ran some errands and then took the kids to the park, where they had a great time for 3 hours! Another mom acquaintance with a girl about M's age and another girl due the same week as I am also showed up, which was an unexpected blessing. We lazed around for the afternoon and then enjoyed a simple dinner and playtime out back.

Today was pay day, and although we've got savings, we try to shop as if we don't so that we can use that money for a van. So the kids and I grocery shopped on a Friday morning. We got a late start, but everyone had jobs to do, and I was surprised at how calm and capable I felt! It was nice to feel the extra measure of grace I had prayed for throughout the week at the point when I was most tired. Our plan was to get the cold stuff put away and get to the park for a magic show with hastily packed lunches. However, after the puppet fiasco, my kids weren't going for that. They helped me get the groceries in and put away, ate their lunches, and have settled down for a quiet afternoon, which is just what I needed too!

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