Friday, July 1, 2011

Allergy test results & some gardening stuff

M's allergy testing wasn't super-helpful, although it did indicate an egg-white allergy. Thankfully, the deductible is met. We'll proceeed from here with the assumption that uncultured dairy is not well tolerated by her system and does exacerbate her eczema. Tomatoes seem to cause an acidity problem, so we'll be careful with those as well. Peanuts and shellfish were mild reactions, so we'll steer clear of those as we already were.. The great thing is that all of this has triggered greater attention on my part to what wasn't working in her diet, and she has gained a huge appetite and 24 ounces in 2 weeks! Such a good turnaround, and thanks to careful monitoring, diarrhea is under control and is no longer causing rashes.

Update to testing: blood tests taken the same day as the scratch testing indicated mild allergies to egg white and milk, and borderline for peanut butter and shellfish.

Dr. O' has finished the garden wall and is building the compost bin today. We are both really looking forward to gardening in our own space without any busybodies telling us how we do it wrong. Annoying. Trial and error, people. That and early tomato blight and people stealing our labeled tomato cages and trying to keep kids safe and out of other people's gardens and suspicions of human fertilizer (ew!) thoroughly burned us out on gardening in the Village! We just want to enjoy some peaceful gardening, dagnabbit! So we're putting in berry bushes and strawberry plants for a harvest next year along with some clearance plants to see what we can grow here with what's left of the season. I think I'll grow some wheat with the kids and thresh it together. I definitely need some fresh herbs out there in a pot so that I can grow them indoors in the winter. I miss having some around, and I won't pay $2+ for cut fresh herbs.

No idea if we'll do anything this weekend...

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