Monday, May 9, 2011

Will the state take my blog away if I keep neglecting it??

Last week felt long but went by fast in the way that busy weeks with small children often do. We found that our plan to get through the week with maximum productivity for Dan really went off very smoothly. The house was in chaos, but everyone was clean and well-fed, and the biohazards didn't get the upper hand, or at least not for long. (An incident in which M-girl removed her diaper during naptime was indeed harrowing but does not bear retelling. Suffice it to say that an Allen wrench and disinfectant were required before all was declared clean.).

Saturday did not begin at the lazy pace that it typically does thanks to Dr. O's observation that we were living in a cluttered mess. We got everyone started picking up items to put away upstairs so that Dr. O' could vacuum downstairs after he loaded the dishwasher. The Jedis put away their toys while M and I put her trashed room back together. By then Dan was ready to vacuum the upstairs, so we headed back downstairs to wipe down the bathroom. The Jedis do a great job shining the bathroom sink and wiping down the toilet, and I gave the shower a quick scrub and wiped the mirror. Then I-M mopped the kitchen and bath. I changed mop cloths and damp mopped the hardwood and laminate in the LR, DR, and our room. The Jedis emptied trash cans and ran items back to their places. All this took an hour and a half. This is why a small house works for us! Dr. O' went for a few things at the grocery and came home with an enormous thank-you bouquet for my being so willing to keep things under control at home while he put in some 10-12 hour days. Very sweet! He had to return to campus from 1-5 to give two exams, and the kids and I enjoyed a mellow afternoon.

Sunday morning we enjoyed coffee in bed and then Dr. O' prepared bacon, eggs, and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We enjoyed a peaceful breakfast together and got ready for church. My lesson in the chapel was about how stubborn and disobedient God's people were in the desert, just as we are prone to be. They took the first chance they could to cast an idol to worship while Moses was on Mt. Sinai receiving the 10 commandments, the first of which was not to worship anything but God.

At home we ate a ziti that my husband had put in the oven before church. Then we put M down for a nap and told the Jedis not to play loudly so we could rest. For dinner he grilled a steak for me and the kids, and it was so good! When I'm expecting, I crave red meat! We had some yummy sides and peach crisp for dessert. The kids played all evening in the yard as we watched, chatted, and called our moms. I was catatonic by 8pm!

This morning I managed to get moving rather quickly and got everything from the morning rush put away. I thoroughly cleaned my kitchen counters and restarted a laundry load that had failed to make it past the washer since Saturday evening. I played out back, rested in the sun a bit, and put M down for her nap. The house was in B+ shape, which is fine because I can't have it perfect or I get cranky when little persons mess it up. I started brainstorming and decided to take the kids to the zoo this afternoon. I had time to be organized and feel ready for the adventure. I put out my intention on FB and got another momma to join us. However, I didn't know until we arrived that THE ZOO CLOSES AT 4. We got there at 3:30. Fortunately, everyone was fairly game to move the whole shebang to Wheeling Park, where we stayed until nearly 6! Such a perfect day to play! We came home to a freshly-cut lawn and leftover ziti. The kids are out back screaming like monkeys and getting covered in grass stains. Homework is increasingly difficult to get them to start on with these beautiful days, but they sleep so soundly after wind sprints up an down the grassy hill. Happy times.

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