Saturday, May 7, 2011

The rant that I chose not to publish on a coupon site but needed to get out of my system

I really question the value of spending all this time and energy to stock up massively on highly-processed stuff that's barely food, the ingredients of which are often banned in Europe and Canada.  I do use some coupons, but there is tremendous cost to families in health care to feed them the stuff people get with these "deals".  Diabetes and heart disease are just the most common.  Makes more sense to me to plan a good trip or two a week to match up sales and coupons on healthy whole food and to spend time more profitably by cooking real meals from scratch.  

Who cares if you get a great deal on harsh chemicals to clean your home if you're making the environment of your home toxic?  I don't think the gas money it takes to make all these store trips is worthwhile either.  I stayed home with small children while my husband earned his Ph.D.without student loans, and I learned quickly how much of a time suck all this "bargain" shopping is.  I chose to play with my babies and cook real meals while they napped, and we saved a lot of money. I'm still home with my 3rd child (and with my soon-to-be 4th) and my mad money saving skills allow us to live quite comfortably now that he's out of school.  I think there's a balance, and missing some of these "deals" might be a good thing.

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