Monday, February 4, 2013

Clutter clutter everywhere!

Heading into the season of Lent next week, I am once again faced with an overwhelming desire to remove the clutter from my life.  This urge to do some spring cleaning always hits me early, especially when the store ads post beautiful storage and exercise items, tempting me with an image of health and organization.  We have had so much change in this last year, and we are struggling to get our bearings. In addition, my grandmother passed away recently, leaving a home packed with decades of random items of varying value and usefulness, but mostly stuff that is destined for the dumpster. I don't want the clutter to take over, and it has me thinking about other clutter in my life.

There is clutter in my diet because comfort food is my preference when I'm tired and stressed and my depression and anxiety are getting the upper hand.  There is clutter in my diet because carbohydrates are so immediately available and so immediately satiating. The downside is that I have physical baggage from this mindless noshing.  My body is tired, my joints are sore, and my anxiety was out of control thanks to too much coffee.   My husband recently lost nearly 40 pounds and has set an excellent example for our family that diet and exercise can be life-changing! It's time to clean things up! I have started with cutting the coffee and have found myself better able to manage my anxiety.  It's time to think ahead and have the right food ready when I'm in need of sustenance. I do that for the rest of my family, but I often let myself down.

There is clutter in my spiritual life that I am all the more aware of as I begin preparing for the Lenten season of fasting and self-reflection.  This time set aside for spiritual development always leaves me feeling spiritually recharged and ready for the rest of the gray days of early spring at home with small children.  I want to make the most of this time by setting aside daily time for contemplation and prayer.

There is clutter in my house because I live in a 100 year old 1000 square foot house with little to no usable storage space.  I'm trying to do far too many things with too many people for this space.  I have small people who pick up items and deposit them in the most ridiculous places, and I have bigger people who don't put things away because there just isn't an intuitive place to put them! It's time to take a break from the homeschooling, an early spring break, and make my house look like an IKEA showroom.  I can't think of a better thing to do with our tax refund.  As I am writing this, my 3 year old daughter just dumped 3 bins of organized toys, so adequate storage cannot come soon enough!

All these forms of clutter lead to cluttered thinking (or maybe they're signs of it!).  I long for the day when I will be able to finish a thought and remember everything that I am supposed to.  I'm hoping that successes in my diet and exercise routine, in my home organization, and in my spiritual life will lead to increased clarity of least until the next major change in our lives!

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