Wednesday, August 10, 2011

End of summer- fun little adventures

I totally forgot to post and boast a bit about a family adventure the kids and I had last week! We went to the free (read "crowded") Youth Fest at Wheeling Park, where we handled long lines, lunch, and swimming with 3 kids and a pregnant momma. IM got to ride the waterslide five times for free that day, and A-man got to ride it with Dan when he took the boys back later. He also took them on a pedalboat ride and played a round of minigolf with them. The whole day was free and without serious meltdowns! I could never have pulled it off a year or two ago!

Since then Dan and I celebrated our 13th anniversary. If I would've known on my wedding day that on our 13th, i'd be expecting our 4th child, and Dan would be done with school and have a job, and we'd have a house, I would've counted myself even more blessed than I already felt that day. Granted, i'd be puzzled by how we ended up in a little Appalachian city that we occasionally drove through when traveling between my parents' house and his, but I guess that's why we don't get to know the details ahead of time-- it would ruin the surprise. We are very different people from the two kids who married each other, and I'm so thankful for the lessons we've learned over the years and how we've grown together.

Tonight is another end-of-summer event, the library pool party. The kids had no trouble coming up with 8 hours of reading (IM did his in one day). It's at the same pool where they had the Youth Festival last week, and it's the pool closest to our home, so it's a fun and easy outing for all of us.

In order to attend the swim party tonight, we had to pick up passes from the library this morning. The kids did a great job getting out the door, and I was the slacker who forgot my purse and M's bag. M did as M does and of course pooped her pants at the library. She NEVER does this at home. However, before she potty trained, she always pooped her diaper at the library. Some people store reading materials in their bathrooms and call it the library, whereas my kid likes to poop in the actual library. I was unprepared and had to clean her up and make a hasty exit, which was rather hampered by the librarian wanting to make sure my kids got prizes and stickers for completing their reading. Not my priority since I was carrying my wiggly toddler whose skirt was authentically being worn in kilt/commando-style, but the Jedis were jazzed about some random Oriental Trading stuff.

We returned home, retrieved fresh drawers and my purse, and made a quick Kroger run for a few items. The minions were all really reasonable! Such a relief to be able to shop without anyone going cuckoo-bananas! Time to try to get M back on a nap cycle and try to get a little resting and nesting done!

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